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Nexterus Houston is a franchise of Nexterus, a world-class leader with 75 years of experience in supply chain management and technology.

We provide mid-sized companies with scalable custom solutions, a transportation management system (TMS), and tools to complex business issues in an affordable way.

Freeing up your time so that you can build a successful business without being distracted by a sea of supply chain challenges.

Our solutions help optimize your supply chain operations including network (factories & warehouses), inventory, transportation (freight velocity and cost), route planning (your fleet), transportation management, distribution management, facility layout/modification, loss and damage claims filling and more.


Philippe Flichy

Regional President, Nexterus Houston

“A Digital Transformation Executive Philippe specializes in reimagining clients’ supply chain and logistics. He is leveraging his proven strategic leadership skills to reorganize how to bring together people, data, and processes to create value for customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world to guarantee great returns to both his clients and their shareholders. He enjoys helping them to build strategic supply-chain management that supports company objectives while improving business processes.
Philippe also enjoy applying his business-creator and growth mindset for his clients. He helps to clarify strategy, as well as assists in determining, connecting, and integrating appropriate mainstream and emerging technologies to advance the company’s strategic direction, optimize its performance, and meet and exceed ROI expectations.”